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Jeffrey Mann

Psy. D.

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Choosing a psychologist is an important decision. It’s important to find a psychologist who you feel comfortable with and has the skills, training, and experience to assist with your concerns. Dr. Mann has extensive training from leading experts in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, insomnia and cognitive-behavioral interventions. He is considered an expert therapist and frequently provides consultation and supervision to other psychologists.

In addition to the extensive skill and experience, Dr. Mann spent a decade working in corporate America before pursuing a career as a psychologist. This provides a clear perspective on the challenges and demands of modern life. His approach is highly customized, applying the latest research to your unique situation and needs. Dr. Mann’s philosophy is that therapy involves developing a trusting relationship and actively working together to define and achieve your treatment goals to directly improve your quality of life while giving you the skills and confidence to maintain these improvements over a lifetime.


Adler University
Doctor of Psychology, 2010

Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center USAF
APA Accredited Pre-Doctoral Internship

DePauw University
B.A., Computer Science, 1993

Licensed Psychologist

  • California: PSY28845
  • Washington DC: PSY1000965
  • Virginia: 0810005848
  • Maryland: 05342


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Our patients

Do you have any questions?

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After nine years of living with anxiety, my anxiety attacks were increasing exponentially. I went from having a few anxiety attacks a year to several times a week. The experience left me exhausted. Even the solace of home, as an escape from the perceived outside anxiety triggers, didn’t seem to be a safe harbor any longer. Other “psychotherapists” focused on telling me the problem was me. Those “specialists” told me I was wound too tightly, too high-strung, too hyper, too everything other than the issue of the anxiety disorder itself. This only added to my confusion and a sense of hopelessness. I felt exasperated, and the situation was beginning to impact my career and personal life. In a word, it was debilitating.

Finding Dr. Mann, a specialist in the field who deals explicitly with anxiety was a godsend. In a few sessions, Dr. Mann helped explain the mental health disorder of anxiety so I could understand it intellectually. Once I could understand the nature of the disorder, Dr. Mann helped me focus on my triggers and understanding what generated them. He helped me focus on the process of working through those triggers using a cognitive behavioral approach. This approach allowed me to follow a mental process to recognize the anxiety, challenge my illogical thinking, talk myself through a process to calm my mind, and ultimately deflate the anxiety itself.
Working with Dr. Mann has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. I’m happy to say today when anxiety attacks do flare up; it is no longer debilitating. I no longer feel hopeless and confused. I now know how to work through the process on my own. It is like I’m a new person.

I have been working with Dr. Mann via online video meetings for over a year and half, and the experience is both positive and beneficial. Positive because with the video session, I’m able to build a connection to Dr. Mann as if we were talking in person. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the physical interaction because I get to see him and he gets to see me. The experience has been beneficial because I get to select a time that allows me to engage in the session conversation without outside work or personal interruptions. This wasn’t always easy for me to do with a therapist located in a physical office. The other benefit to the video sessions is that the sessions can even take place while I’m on the road for work, so I don’t miss a session.

“Dr. Mann changed my life for the best, not just better. He breaks down life’s complications with simplicity — I understand now I’m on a journey, not in despair. As a guy who is on the road a lot for business, I’m so glad I was referred to Dr. Mann. He’s super flexible and we can ‘meet’ on his secure video platform anytime, anywhere. He brings clarity to life’s problems. If you look at your mind like a jumbled Rubik’s cube – Dr. Mann knows exactly what moves to make to get it solved  and fast.”