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Telehealth is a general term to describe the delivery of health care service through interactive video chat. When talking about psychotherapy, it often referred to as telebehavioral health, telemental health, or teletherapy. These are all referring to same thing. The ability to provide this type of service was born with services like Skype, FaceTime, and GChat and has evolved into a robust, secure, and reliable method of providing psychotherapy.

There are several companies that have developed telehealth delivery services an I have tested most of them. I ended up going with Wecounsel (www.wecounsel.com) because it is completely designed around providing psychotherapy. Many other platforms have been generically designed to provide for Telehealth in any specialty, which did not feel adequate to me. Wecounsel has focused on making an intuitive and reliable service that makes meeting with your psychologist easier than it ever has been. All you need is a smartphone or a computer, an internet connection, and a private and comfortable space and your all set. Wecounsel even works well with a good cellular signal.

Getting started is as simple as sending an e-mail or making a phone call and setting up a time for a brief consultation to see if psychotherapy via telehealth would be a good fit for you.

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Do you feel tightness in in your chest, running thoughts, the nagging “what if” questions and worries about the future?


When something happens that turns our world upside down, we can feel as if we’ll never be okay again.


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our physical AND mental health. When we don’t sleep well, everything is affected.

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